Lovelace 2016

The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium is a one-day conference for women undergrad and masters students in computing. The centrepiece of the day is a poster contest, and to enter the contest all students need do is write a short abstract (250 words). I started this conference, back in 2008, and run it every year in different […]

Data collection in March can be a chilly business

Last week we went out data collecting with my PhD student Max. Max is working on an airborne robot which can be used in navigation – floating above (say) a robot boat, and giving a top down view of surrounds. Out at Clarach bay, it was a bit misty. The plan was that I would […]

Extracting honey

We’ve had bees for about two years, and this week, we got our first honey. Roger decided which frames were full enough to bother extracting from, and we kept these inside and out of the way of the hives (the bees don’t like you stealing their honey). We borrowed a centrifuge for extracting the honey […]

The end of teaching

I’ve got two short reports to write for the exam boards, and then my teaching’s over for the summer. It’s been great fun, and I’ve learned a lot. But I’m ready to get on with some more research now. So here’s a pic of the books ready to back on the shelves – agents, semantic […]

London Hopper Colloquium/Karen Spärck Jones lecture

Yesterday was the London Hopper one day conference for postgrad women in computing, and the inaugural BCS Karen Spärck Jones Lecture. A great day of talks and posters about computing research, all done by women. And free wine in the evening, which is always nice! The poster contest at the Hopper described some fantastic work […]

Not exactly the Stade des Alpes

I could, like everyone else in the “blogosphere”, do a post about my new year’s resolutions. But instead I’m going to talk about Aberystwyth Town FC, who I went to see this afternoon almost by accident (saw some people with scarves on, followed them to the ground, bought a ticket). The match was Aber Town […]