Shag band

The Shag Cafe has a new house band. Naturally, they’re called “Shag Band”. They’ve got a very cool washboard – actually two different types of washboard with various other bits of kitchen equipment bolted to it. Here’s a very short clip – apologies for the sound quality, but I think the video does capture a […]

Zooming and panoramas

I’ve been playing with a javascript zoom thing, which is available free from this site, as a means of displaying panoramas better. I think it works quite well. Here are a few examples – Grenoble after sunset, the Chartreuse mountains and a very snowy Grenoble from the memorial to the troops of the mountain. I […]

The signs of Grenoble

Number 1 in a series of N… The wines of the morning! Discounted wine between 8am and 2pm! Marvellous. Must remember to pop in on my way to the lab.

OOoh, I wouldn’t call it that…

Number 7 in a series of N… Actually, I think that if I were to suffer a massive career change and open a native American gift shop in France, I might well call it Sioux Venir. I’m really rather taken with the name. I’ve never been in, of course – I don’t have much call […]

It snowed here, too.

Campus looked a bit like Narnia, but with cooler street names. Being in the Alps, they know how to handle snow. Public transport runs fine. People change the tyres on their cars, then just get on with it. I’ve not cycled since it came down as I’m a bit nervous of ice, but the trams […]

GF38 encore

I finally got to catch a Grenoble Foot 38 match just before xmas, and you know what? They didn’t lose!!! The final score was 1-1 against Nice, which for GF38 is really very good. In my not so expert footballing opinion, they were robbed, too, and it should have been a win. But what do […]


A few weeks back I went to the Grenoble Swing Dance Festival (GSDF). This involved all sorts of fun, like 6 hours of classes and 45 minutes volunteering to work on the bar. Strangely, the bar only sold soft drinks. Yes, only soft drinks. And pancakes. Believe me, you didn’t want to get the first […]

Orange bureacracy

I’ve just bought another French mobile phone. This isn’t because I’m some kind of gadget freak, it’s because I lost the one that Graham kindly gave me to replace the one I lost about four months ago. Yes, that’s right, I’m on my 3rd French mobile. When I’m leaving a place, I have a voice […]