Technocamps AI workshop

I’ve been working on the Technocamps project for the last year, and one of the things I’ve been heavily involved with is a workshop on AI, loosely based around Alan Turing’s 1950 paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” (also known as The Turing Test Paper). You can find that paper online in loads of places, e.g. […]

Wearables workshop

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I was stuck in the Arts Centre with about 20 kids, some nice people called Sophie & Rain, a load of Lilypad Arduinos and a bunch of electronics components. The plan? 3 days of fun with soft circuits, for schoolkids, for Technocamps. Rain and Sophie put the […]

An arduino-powered flashing hat

In Technocamps we’re going to be running an easter holiday workshop on wearable computing, which will use lilypad arduinos to build cool things you can wear. We’ve got a half-tem holiday workshop going on right now (“Making Robots See”) so I’ve been tasked with going up there and doing a short talk on wearables. So […]

CAS annual teachers conference

I’m just back from the Computing At School annual teachers’ conference, which was held in Birmingham University. It was a really fascinating conference – a mixture of policy, curriculum, practical advice, tips and tricks. The problem of computing in schools is now well known, with reports from the Royal Society, BCS, NESTA, and many other […]