A dog called Interlock

My current parallel text is “L’homme à l’enverse“, a Fred Vargas novel translated into english with the title “Seeking whom he may devour“. I guess the title translation should have tipped me off to the fact that this was likely to be a clunky read. There’s one translation detail that’s really beginning to wind me […]

Inspecteur Rebus

In an effort to improve my French, I’ve been reading a few of my favourite books in translation alongside the original. It saves me from having to pick up a dictionary every time I come across a word I don’t know, and it also encourages me to try and work out what words mean myself […]

10 things that make me happy

I’ve been tagged by Marianne-Paris from the excellent Paris-Ankara Express blog, so I now have to do a post called 10 things that make me happy. These aren’t in any order, but they have been fun to think about – it makes a change from fretting about forms and bureaucracy. Rog When I manage to […]

Another impenetrable form…

Back in June, when I was getting started in France, one of my major headaches was the form-filling. The French excel at bureaucracy – the number of times I’ve had to show my birth certificate/marriage certificate/degrees/passport is just amazing for me as a brit. Why do the bank need to see my wedding cert? Why […]