Sunsets and starlings

I used to take photos of all sorts of things. Since coming to Aber, I mostly photograph sunsets and starlings. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing though.

Deb Roy giving a TED talk

One of the first things I got as a new PhD student, back in ’01, was a copy of Deb Roy’s thesis. My supervisor was just back from a sabbatical at MIT and he knew Roy there. The thesis blew me away – the ideas, the new approaches, this way of learning. Remarkable. The seeds […]

Alors on danse

There are some songs that remind you of a time or a place. This is one of them – Stromae is a Rwandan-Belgian dance act who was massive in France whilst I was there. This song was on pretty much every time I queued at the K-fet for my poulet-salade. I’ve never heard it since. […]