TBSVOW: A470, north of Merthyr

November 22, 2012 - TBSVOW

This is my second post in what I hope will be a long-running series on The Bacon Sandwich Vans of Wales; you can see all posts in the series here: http://www.hannahdee.eu/blog/?cat=36.

This van is on the A470, north of Merthyr, in the Brecons, just before you pass the peak and head down towards Brecon itself. The weather on this visit was challenging, for cameraphone photography. The van is by a lake, which is probably lovely.

The sandwich itself was good, a large white bread bap with two slices of well cooked bacon within. The sandwich cost £2.70. The ratio of bread to bacon was slightly out, however it seems a little churlish to complain about that as the cause of the imbalance was a frankly massive amount of bread, rather than a lack of bacon.

Sandwich quality: 6/10. White bread roll, 2 pieces of bacon, some fat. Bacon-to-bread ratio slightly out.
Service: 7/10. Generally friendly; there were a few people sheltering from the driving rain underneath the awning of TBSVOW, who were engrossed in conversation with the proprietress.
View: 5/10. Probably a lovely location, but somewhat obscured on the day of visit.
Extras: 9/10. A huge range of sauces, mostly from Asda, arrayed for general consumption in an attractive fashion across the front of the van, tomatoes, mushrooms, egg, black pudding and sausages were available.

I have just been to a conference where there were speakers from Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Why am I blogging about the sandwich I had on the way home? It was a great conference. Maybe my priorities are a bit out of whack…

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