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February 20, 2013 - Computing at School / Geekiness / Wales

A couple of weeks ago I went to the second Machynlleth Raspberry Jam, and ended up being interviewed for Science Cafe on BBC Radio Wales. You can listen again at that link (for a bit). The program also includes my friend Tom Crick from Cardiff Met, who visited the raspberry pi factory; the bit with the Machynlleth Raspberry Jam is towards the end about 21:30 so you can skip to that bit if you want to.

The Raspberry Jam was great fun, one of the highlights for me was winning an auction of a raspberry pi case, handmade by Robert (one of the Machynlleth Raspberry Jam organisers), and signed by Eben Upton of the raspberry pi foundation. It cost me £10, but it’s going to be a collector’s item I tell you. Here’s Robert holding up one of the cases:

If you listen to the radio program linked above you’ll hear Fergus, aged six and three-quarters, being interviewed about the things he’s done with his raspberry pi. I’m not going to put pictures of 6-year-olds on my blog (not without their parents’ permission) but here’s a sneaky shot of Fergus being interviewed by the BBC.

And finally one of the cool things about raspberry jams is that they’re the only time I ever feel that it’s OK to eat jam sandwiches. For some reason I never eat them normally, and it’s a rare treat.

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