BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium 2014: University of Reading

May 20, 2013 - BCS / Women in Computing

A week or so back I went to check out the venue for next year’s BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium, and to have a chat with the local organisers (James Anderson and Yota Dimitriadi). It was lovely to catch up with James (Yota wasn’t able to make it) and it was also really positive to discuss things like venue, lineup, and that kind of stuff. It makes it feel so much more concrete when you can picture the space. So I thought I’d do a blog post so you, dear reader, can picture the space too.

I did a post-doc once on a project joint with Reading, and I have to say my model of Reading campus was a bit like the 1980s TV show “A Very Peculiar Practice”; largely concrete and functional1. Upon arrival at the London Road campus I was most pleasantly surprised by a space much more green and pleasant, with quads, and trees, and topiary.

The theatre we’re planning to use is large, and modern, with all projection facilities (PC/visualiser etc.). We might be able to record the talks, too, which would be fab.

The poster space is two rooms next to each other, one is kitted out as a drama studio most of the time, and the other is kitted out as a seminar room. But we can remove the partition and have one massive poster space. So, the following two little photos are two sides of the same room (partition in the middle, which we’d remove).

The social would be in the campus cafeteria/bar area, which is a large newly refurbished-looking space with booths, tables, and lots of room to move around. My guess is that we would probably put some of the social money behind the bar and then let people fend for themselves once that runs out (or something similar). It’s a nice bar, anyway. Comfortable, full range of drinks and teas and coffees and snacks.

On leaving I was rather taken with this handsome tree. A generally handsome campus, Reading’s London Road one.

1Although I never once saw a bin-diving nun in Reading.

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