More GOWS stuff – a visit to the school to see the primary students

July 10, 2013 - Computing at School

Last Friday, I went to Ysgol Bro Ddyfi as part of their transition week. In transition week the primary students who’ll be starting secondary in September come and visit the school, and do a load of taster sessions, getting a feel for what secondary stuff is like and finding their way around the school. SO about a month after I went to Mach (with Jordi and Mariona from Girona) to meet the primary teachers and talk about Scratch and Raspberry Pi blog here, we went back to talk to the kids themselves. We’re lucky that Jordi and Mariona are still visiting Aber, so three of us went rather than just me, which let us have some cool parallel sessions.

Before we started the actual “work” of talking to a bunch of primary students about computer science, Jordi & Mariona managed to wow people with a robot. Here’s a picture of the crowd forming….

What around? Well, it’s a lego robot that can solve a rubik’s cube. Most impressive!

Then we got on with the actual sessions – Tomi spoke to the kids about Raspberry Pis, and showed them how to put a computer together, Jordi & Mariona spoke about Scratch and got them to do some animations, whilst I did some thought experiments about Artificial Intelligence (what does it mean to be clever? could a computer be intelligent?). There were about 60 kids in total and we saw them in groups of 3, for about 40 minutes each, so it was a quick intro rather than anything in-depth. But my lot seemed to enjoy the session and they came up with some very bright questions (like “but the computer only does what you’ve programmed it to do, so it can’t be intelligent can it?“).

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