Le junk mail

Great gaudy medium

Junk mail is plentiful here. Mostly it consists of the current special offers at Carrefour, or flyers for Speed Rabbit Pizza… but this one stood out from the crowd of colourful pamphlets. Here’s my attempt at a translation:

Professor NABA
Great international seeing1 medium!

Payment after results, in the following 4 days.

If you no longer want to suffer, contact me as fast as possible. Return of affection, fidelity between spouses, marriage, luck, clients. Protection against dangers, release from bewitchment, business, competition. To return immediately to the hearth of the person you like. He or she will run behind you like a dog behind its master. Sexual impotence. Problems of love resolved definitively for life.


Followed, of course, by a mobile number and the promise of being ready to meet any day. What am I waiting for?

1My mini dictionary offers “Gaudy” as a translation for “Voyant”, which might be more appropriate…

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