OOoh, I wouldn’t call it that…

October 20, 2009 - France / OIWCIT

Number 5 in a series of N…


Now, having looked it up, I know that Chlamyde is the French word for a Chlamys. Which is a type of Greek cloak. But when I first passed this shop I was sure that it was an upmarket tailors called Chlamydia. Which is a type of sexually transmitted infection.


  1. P says:

    Well, I laughed, even if no-one else is admitting to doing so.

  2. chlamydia can give you lots of painful and itchy moments so always practice safe sex.”.`

  3. chlamydia is so groos, my friend got one last year and it was very nasty-“`

  4. chlamydia is very nasty disease, you’ll get that nasty pus and infection:*’

  5. @Sofiahvz says:

    Thanks. This really is a nice read.

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