WTech Cymru

November 15, 2010 - Women in Computing

The weekend before last was WTech Cymru – a one day conference for women-in-tech-in-Wales. You might think that’s a small potential audience, what with “Women in Tech” being a small group, and Wales being a small country, but it was really rather well attended. I think there were about 100 people there (maybe 80? I’m not sure). It seemed a strong turnout for Lampeter on a cold bright November morning, anyway.  Aberystwyth Uni sent over 9 people (we nearly made double figures), which was great – 3 staff, and 6 undergrads.

Speakers included me (yeah!), Miki Burgess from Glamorgan Uni (no I don’t  know why her webpage includes a large photo of someone else holding a magnifying glass), Julie Greensmith from Nottingham uni (who’s been called “Dr Thrill, the statistician of chaos” by the Daily Mirror), Reena Pau from Southampton uni (who’s just started a new job & I can’t find her new webpage yet, but take my word for it, she’s very cool),  Chrystie Myketiak from Queen Mary (talking about cs4fn, a magazine aimed at school kids) and Chris Price from Aber (notable for not being a woman). Lucy Hunt – BCSWomen committee member and general all-round excellent person – not only sponsored the event but also drove lots of us from Aber to Lampeter and back.

The day itself was really interesting – a mix of “women-in” talks, and general tech stuff (this is a mix I like, as a whole day of “women-in” stuff can get a bit much, and we are all about the technical stuff as well as the ovaries, you know). My one criticism would be that the organisers tried to fit too much in, so there wasn’t a great deal of time for networking (just half an hour for lunch). There was a drinks reception after, but we were all rather tired and wanted to get some of the driving out of the way before it got dark, so we didn’t stay for that. So I suppose I shouldn’t complain!


  1. sandrine says:

    Sounds like a great conference. Glad to know Wales isn’t behind feminist geek wise.There used to be an amazing italian deli/off licence in Lampeter hight street (only street?). I seem to remember he went back to Italy because he had enough of the weather, but it might be worth checking next time you’re there.

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