About 70 sets of opinions on computing, from women, in one animated gif

June 11, 2009 - Women in Computing

For our upcoming ITiCSE talk (details and paper download here) we asked a bunch of women computer scientists a load of questions. At the end of the questionnaire we asked “What’s the best bit about computing?”, and “What’s the worst bit about computing?”.

I’ve collated all the answers to these questions and turned it into an animated gif, shown below:

best bits of computing and worst bits of computing

I love the way that some things come out both best and worst (and it’s fascinating how many times “programming” comes up in both categories).

Because I am a proper geek, I made the gif by writing a hacky perl program. So if you have a unix system with ImageMagick convert and perl installed, you can make your own animation from a comma-separated list of statements using this perl hack.


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