End of term train-chaos

December 18, 2010 - Wales

I was booked on the 3.30 out of Aber yesterday, which was (not entirely coincidentally) the last day of term. Aber gets a train every two hours, and it’s two carriages long (158 seats, a guy at the station was saying). So when I got to the station and found about 500 people waiting, I realised it was going to be a little problematic. A group of earnest young things were singing carols, but most of us were warily eyeing up the competition for the invevitable train-door scrum.

Apparently about 20 people had been turned away from the 1.30 train because it was full, and as we pulled out it was clear that about 50 people had failed to get on the 3.30. I was one of the lucky ones, despite pausing for a bit of an argument with a Polish woman who thought she’d get on the train quicker by pushing me out of the way (she was mistaken). The train was buzzing with phone conversations – “I’m on the train” but with more of a sense of elation than usual.

I’m going to try to arrange it so I never catch a train out of Aber in the last week of term ever again. But if I do find myself having to – which is possible – I’m going to get the bus to Borth, and get a single into Aber so I’m already on the train when it arrives. Genius, eh?

Waiting for my fourth train, five hours later, Manchester Pic was kinda lonely looking out at the far reaches of Platform 13.

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