Vive la différence!

Some things I’m going to find it hard to get used to, #2 in a series of N…

  • The politeness. People in the street say “Bonjour!”, whenever you sit down to eat strangers wish you “Bon Appetit”, you get greeted when you enter a shop and they bid you farewell when you leave, groups of teenage lads shake hands when they meet each other. It’s all rather nice.
  • The temperature. Note to self: curry might last a day or so when left in the pan in Leeds, but here, a day on the stove top is a recipe for interesting furry growth. Oops. I was looking forward to that…
  • The sun. I am not used to living in factor 10 (upgrading to 20 when I’m out for a bit), and it’s having a detrimental effect on the complexion. I had to buy some clearasil the other day, it’s like being 14 again!!!
  • The keyboard layouts. At work I have a French keyboard, and at home an English one, so I’m stuck between two layouts. I’m now at the stage where I am making mistakes in both.
  • Supermarket value Roquefort. No, honestly:

    Value roquefort FTW!

  • The quality of the veg – it’s just so much better than English stuff: tomatoes, courgettes, even the lettuces are really very tasty indeed
  • Being 900 miles away from Rog, still.

2 thoughts on “Vive la différence!

  1. Is the roquefort any good?

    (Saying that, I *love* Carrefour. Foreign supermarkets hold an astonishing attraction to me.)

  2. Yeah, the roquefort is really rather nice. I thought it had to be tried, and I can see myself getting it again.

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