BCSWomen AGM happened a couple of weeks back – on September the 8th. We elected officials and carried out the official business in the first part of the meeting, AKA “The Boring Bit”. As usual, the treasurer’s report said that we’ve got a little bit of money and we do quite well at stretching it, and the chair’s report (given by me in the absence of the chair, who had work committments) said that we’re doing well with more members and lots of cool activities.

After electing the committee and thanking those who were standing down we had a fab talk from Elizabeth Harrin, who’s a project manager and writer, and who also runs the award winning A Girl’s Guide to Project Management blog. Her talk was about Imposter Syndrome – the feeling that at some point, someone’s going to realise that you don’t know what you’re doing, and that you don’t “deserve” your job. Apparently everyone gets it (which I found a relief, actually being an imposter:-) and Elizabeth gave 10 tips for overcoming it.

And here’s a photo of our new Chair, Gillian Arnold, talking to Funmi Adeusi (chair of BCS central London branch). Central London Branch were meeting in the next room, so we got to chat with everyone over the BCSWomen wine once the meetings and the talks were over.

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