An arduino-powered flashing hat

February 14, 2012 - Geekiness / teaching / technocamps

In Technocamps we’re going to be running an easter holiday workshop on wearable computing, which will use lilypad arduinos to build cool things you can wear. We’ve got a half-tem holiday workshop going on right now (“Making Robots See”) so I’ve been tasked with going up there and doing a short talk on wearables. So I made one:

It’s really basic – just four LEDs and a short program that cycles back and forth lighting them up in turn – but it was really fun to put together. It didn’t take that long either.

If you know a young person (11-19) in Ceredigion who fancies joining in with the wearables workshop you can register online now. We’ve got a couple of people coming up from London who’ve been doing most of the work in putting it together, including Rain and Sophie from MzTek. This is the booking link – We’ll be doing more interesting stuff than just making flashing hats.

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