A selection of AI related videos

I’ve been looking around for Turing Test or AI related videos – we’re running an AI technocamp soon and it’s quite often good to have a set of short videos to break things up. This is what I’ve got so far; I’m almost certainly going to use some of the first three; the rest might well form backup or get switched in to place (I’m not sure). But here they are anyway. If you’ve got any other suggestions do leave a comment with them; we’re really only after things that only last a couple of minutes to use as enrichment and/or distraction in workshops with schoolkids (although I, personally, am interested in any cool robot videos going:-).

AI vs AI – two instances of cleverbot talking to eachother (piped through text to speech)

Uncanny valley super-realistic Japanese robots

Asimo on QI (this is SO cute)

IBM’s Watson winning Jeopardy

Quadrocoptors doing co-operative construction

Quadrocoptors playing the James Bond theme – not necessarily related to the Turing test but oh my it’s cool

Maskbot – interactive speaking head with mask-style projection

A robot that balances itself – might not be quite so impressive to kids, but fairly neat to anyone who’s tried working with real robots ever

With thanks to @oceanician, @eileenb and @shinier for suggestions…

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