Ada Lovelace Day: Sarah Winmill

Ada Lovelace day is a worldwide day of blogging and celebration of women in tech, and I’m sat in the BCS London offices, having co-presented an all-day android workshop for ALD and waiting for the evening ALD celebration to start, so I guess I ought to write my ALD blog post!

My choice for this year is Sarah Winmill. Sarah’s just started as director of IT at UCL, having worked as CTO at the V&A museum, at the Royal Academy of Arts, and in the Royal Palaces. She seems to specialise in doing hard IT stuff in beautiful and interesting settings. She’s chair of the charities consortium IT Directors group. (She’s really active in BCSWomen, which is great for us).

She’s also absolutely lovely, and gives a fantastic talk.

So there you go – my inspiring woman in tech for this year is Sarah Winmill!


  1. Gulp! To be singled out in this way is rather humbling, especially coming from such an active and enthusiastic supporter of women working and researching in technology. Thank you Hannah, and ‘right back at you’!


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