BCSWomen blog carnival

BCSWomen are holding a “Blog Carnival” in January. To enter, all you have to do is write a blog post on women in tech, and submit it to us. The best posts will be featured in a carnival roundup on Sarah Burnett’s blog over at http://sarahburnett.blogspot.com/. The idea is to get people blogging about women in tech, and to build a collection of people and links that are interesting to read on the topic.

Here’s how to take part and to help out…

  1. Publish a blog post which has something to do with women in IT on your own blog during January.
  2. Send an e-mail to bcswomen_blog_carnival@yahoo.com, including:
    • A link to the blog post
    • A short description of your blog (not the specific post, but your blog in general)
    • A brief description you, the author, and the URL of your profile on LinkedIn and/or Twitter (if you have one)
  3. Visit the host blog http://sarahburnett.blogspot.com/ in the month after the carnival, to see the posts that have been selected and find out what people are writing about

If this is a successful event (and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be, apparently we’ve already had our first submission and it’s only Jan 6th:-) we will repeat the carnival, with different host blogs and different topics. So do get involved, and tell your friends & family.

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