I used the online generator at yourfonts.com, the process was really very straightforward. I can’t see myself using the font much but hey, it’s a geek thing.

I had an interview last week and they liked me and I liked them, so soon, I hope, I’ll be living in Grenoble (I’ve not seen anything in writing yet, but they seem very trustworthy). It’s all a bit mental, really – but I figure that if the right research job for me can’t be found in Leeds (where I have a husband and a house and some cats and a garden with some apple and pear and cherry trees and etc. etc.) then I might as well live somewhere interesting. It’s going to take the cherry trees 4 years before they produce any fruitRead More →

I met Sue Black for the first time on 9 February 2006. I’d entered the poster contest at the BCSWomen Grace Hopper Colloquium for women PhD students, and Sue introduced the day and judged the poster contest. It was my first women-in-computing event and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. Working in computer vision I am quite used to being the only woman in the room at conferences and so on, which is odd, but you adapt. Would an all-women techy event be different? Geeky? Bitchy? Competitive? It turned out that all-women techy events are none of the above. It was supportive,Read More →